Last night I met Steve Jobs... kind of...


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Sep 11, 2008
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Hi all,

I just had to share this story with my fellow Apple peeps.

Last night when I was having dinner with my father, we got to talking about Steve Jobs, and I asked him if he had any old PC magazines from the late 70's or early '80's laying around with articles about the early days of Apple. He said he probably did somewhere, but then went on to tell me something that stunned me, and I've kind of been in an odd mood since...

Apparently, I met Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when I was a kid. Here in Cincinnati, God knows when back in 1977 or thereabouts, Jobs and the Woz were here promoting the new Apple II computer, and my Father took me over to Applefest to see this wondrous new thing! Apparently the event took place at Live Oaks, which was a vocational school (or at least that's where my Dad thinks it was). He said "Yep, you were standing right in front of Steve Wozniak while he showed me the new Apple II", and apparently Steve Jobs was there talking to others, but Dad said I met him, shook his hand, and did whatever a 5 year old kid of my nature would do; act polite, shake a man's hand, and not even realize who it was I was shaking hands with.

I have no memory if this, though I do have a very slight memory of being at the Applefest event, or whatever it may have been called.

I never really cared who he was as a kid, like I'm sure most of you did, or would have if you were a child in those days. I later played Conan and drew pictures using my Koala pad on our Apple II Plus, and I loved every minute of it, eventually even teaching myself BASIC out of old PC magazines. You know, the ones with BASIC code in the back pages that you could use to write your own programs??? I don't think that until now, I never fully realized the role Steve Jobs played in my life at the time. I later remember Steve's role at Pixar, and then my Dad's enthusiasm when Steve returned to Apple in the late 90's, and I can't really say that I truly gave him much thought until the iPhone buzz started back in 2007.

But now? Now I feel this stunned numbness that I met, or may have met, Steve Jobs and The Woz! And I'm kind of ticked off at myself for not recalling the memory enough to fully appreciate the opportunity at the time of meeting them. I can sure look back now and feel that appreciation.

Now that Steve Jobs is gone, I kind of feel this odd sense that I met, or was at least in the same room with such an incredible and visionary person. I feel blessed and honored to have been there at the time, even thought I can't remember it. I wish I could go back and thank him for the exceptionally great memories I have now, growing up with a Father who provided me the opportunity use that Apple II Plus, and to learn things by using that tool. I can remember my friends who always loved to come over and play games on it, or who were impressed with the little text-based games I would write, and I just remember how much fun it all seemed.

And so now I'm sitting here writing this on my new iMac, with my iPhone 4S sitting by my side, and I'm covered in this cloud of disbelief that I can't go back in time to relive that memory.

But I just had to share...

Thanks for reading.

And Thanks Steve!


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Jun 29, 2010
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I agree that's a pretty awesome story, I'd been around the same age at that time can relate.. I don't remember anything when I was 5 lol

And yes Steve will ALWAYS be remembered

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