Laser Invaders (iPhone 5 only)


Feb 15, 2013
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Hi Guys,
First post! and I'm basically here to flog off my first App Store submission which is free :)

Laser Invaders


1 supported device (iPhone 5 only)!
1 supported interface orientation (Landscape Left)!
1 vibrant colour (not featured in game)!
1 minute of entertaining gameplay!
1 recognised touch interface gesture (not used in game)!

2 buttons that do not respond to touches!
(actually, they were meant to, but I forgot to code that)

Enemies that do not fight back, and cannot harm you?

Likely only in the App Store because it is controlled with a red laser pointer.

YouTube Demo:
Laser Invaders (iPhone) - Laser Controlled Game - YouTube

The iPhone uses the rear facing camera to track a laser dot on the wall.
It's position is used to control a target crosshair on the screen in real time.
Free App for iPhone 5.

13 days development time because I was sure it would be rejected.
The real reason is lack of consistency with prior models.
If they user's device isn't an iPhone 5, I do warn them that it's not going to cut it before the game starts.

EDIT,,, Lol iPhone nanite.. gimmie a break!! wait until you see the next one! :D
Cheers, Art.