Ladies, you should say: Don't Touch Me!


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Aug 10, 2012
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If there is one game, which is totally created for the majority of females to kill the time, relax and calm down, it must be you.
If there is one game, which can bring pleasure feelings and unlimited expectations, it must be you.
It is surrounded by crystal and fantasy, filled with fairy tale of the princess and prince. It?s yours.
Pretty princess was wandering in the forest in her beautiful crystal shoe. But she didn?t know she was followed by the witch. The witch envies the princess?s beauty for a long time. This time, the witch will catch the princess and get her beauty with vicious witchcraft. How could our princess save herself?
"Don?t Touch Me" ? the first female iOS casual game. It?s not just to "kill time". You do not need to get through the time and space but gently slide your finger to throw you beautiful crystal shoes. Yes, throw you beautiful crystal shoes to pound that nasty old witch.
?Don?t Touch Me? was developed by Beijing Duole. It is created for all female players. With its simple operating mode, gorgeous sense and brisk music you can play it during the working or study brake, in the bus or subway, before bedtime. You can relax in any time and place easily and quickly.
The following is brief look:
★ Fantasy Magical Comic Style
There are three sense currently called Castle, Beach and Plain. With the magical comic style, the world is filled with romance between the princess and the prince.
★ Gorgeous Heels
You have three crystal shoes that can be use as weapon they are Red Rose, Violet and White Queen.
★ Mysterious Prince
You will never know when will the prince come to save you but certainly they will come. As long as the prince on a white horse gets his princess, you will get surprising gift.
★ More and More
Soon there will be more fun and more interesting follow-up checkpoints and play.

This beautiful story will launch in China on Oct. 12th, then the whole world.
Currently what we know is that the game will support four languages: English, Chinese, Korea and Japanese. Please look forward.

For iPhone and iPod:!/id547540590?mt=8&at=10l3Vy
HD version for iPad:!-hd/id543100871?mt=8&at=10l3Vy

Screenshot as following:



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