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New member
Jul 13, 2008
When I first moved to America, 16 years ago, someone said to me, "K.I.S.S."
I looked at them funny, and asked, what on earth does that mean?

All that to say, over the past 72 hours, I've learned a lot about the Mac OS, and hardware, and cost for that matter.

This is what I'm going to do (not sure why I'm explaining this, but, sometimes it is good to share), return my iMac, and keep my MacBook Pro.

I have a Samsung monitor, and if I need to, connect my MacBook to it, via HDMI. I also have a Logitech Wave keyboard and mouse. So, in essence, I'll have a 'Desktop' of sorts.
At the same time, I can keep my Windows HP Z600 up and running close by (it has it's own monitor).

To me this sounds like it would work. At least till one day I can go all out and get a top of the line iMac. So, as they say here, Keep It Simple Stupid...


Q&A Team Leader, VR Expert
Jun 16, 2009
Yea I've heard the saying too in the context of certain self help programs. ;) (13 years clean and sober here) I agree you have made a wise choice! As I told you in another thread, you couldn't go wring either way! The MBP is a great machine. My 2013 served me well for several years!