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Kindly help me decide between 128gb v. 256gb iPhone 7+


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Currently, I have a 32gb 5s. I canceled a 256gb model I ordered through the Apple Upgrade program since I'm averse to debt or leasing of any sort and I'm buying the phone outright. In the event that the next iPhone iteration is truly super (AMOLED screen, etc.), I intend to sell the 7 Plus. That said, common sense tells me to settle for the 128gb as opposed to the 256gb. Do you agree?

I normally download 5-6 movies (rest is streamed) on the phone but I use about 77 apps on average and although I've been streaming music in the past 3 years, I've been thinking of storing them locally lately. I'm into photography and video however and I'm concerned that the 128gb may be small considering the 4k capability (downgradable to 1080p video). Thanks in advance.


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Jun 16, 2009
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Well only you can truly decide which is best and what will suite your needs. Keep in mind you have been getting by on 32GBs so 128 will be 4 times as much so this MIGHT be enough. Also the cost will be a lot easier to manage. Now if cost is less of a factor for you (John Rockefeller???) then of course go for the 256, but perhaps 128 will be enough?

Perhaps this iMore blog can help you decide?.....

What iPhone 7 storage size should you get: 32GB vs. 128GB vs. 256GB? | iMore


Feb 20, 2014
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If you have the budget, go with the 256. That's what I did, despite the fact I know I won't need it. I just wanted to be safe.

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