Kids Corner Review: Spin Art


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Jul 5, 2008
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For those of you with kids, who actually let your kids touch your iPhone, you will find they probably love the interface and love playing games with it. My daughter is no exception. I have reviewed a few programs she likes, and will try to review a "Kids Corner" program periodically for people who like to have things for their kid on the iPhone. Todays program is Spin Art.

Just like the name implies, Spin Art is, well, spin art for the iPhone. You have a rotating canvas, and can drop gobs of paint to make cool patterns. The paint colars are extremely varied, with a total of 64 color options. You can select to drop a large, medium, or small glob of paint, and you can simply tap the canvas to drop a single drop, hold your finger down for a stream of paint, or move your finger while holding it down for a "line" that is drawn.

To get the canvas spinning, you choose the spin button, and then just flick your canvas. Keep in mind the "strength" of the flick will influence how fast the canvas is spinning.

Once you finish your masterpiece, you can hit the star button and have the option of saving it (in the camera roll), clearing the canvas, clearing the background (the area under the canvas). You can also get the "About Spin Art" screen here.

This is a fun little program, and certainly a lot cleaner then real spin art. I especially like the range of colors and the ability to save your artwork. I wish the spin button was simply an on/off toggle, because I found it was difficult to get it spinning fast at time (and my daughter could never do it).

Pros: Cheap, encourages creativitiy and artistic impression.
Cons: Some controls (spin) a little difficult to use.

All in all, at $0.99, this is a program that I have found amusing at times, so I strongly recommend it for anyone whose kids have access to their iPhones. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.