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Jan 18, 2012
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?Kick?n Chick?nz: Medieval Karnival?, one of the most original, funny and entertaining games made for the iPhone and iPad, is now available on the App Store.

Kick?n Chick?nz: Medieval Karnival is delightfully humorous and thoroughly enjoyable with arcade style games designed to be appealing for all ages. Just like at a real carnival, this Medieval Karnival has many game tents available, each offering entertaining games that utilize chickens in some fun way. Whether you enjoy target shooting, balloon darts, memory games, or arcade style bowling, you are sure to find a game that will keep you entertained, whether you have hours or just a few minutes.

?Our goal during production was to continuously add more value to the visual imagery and quality animations in Kick?n Chick?nz so that it would exceed customer expectations, especially in regard to the low app price,? said Michael Ingrassia, Creative Director at Atomic Chimp Games. ?So far, the Medieval Karnival has four game tents, plus we have six more additional game tents coming later this year through free updates.

?With Kick?n Chick?nz and all future games developed at Atomic Chimp Games, our main goal is to create an experience, meant to dazzle and humor you while you have fun playing our games,? explained Melody Brown, Producer at Atomic Chimp Games. ?We are excited to introduce carnival and arcade fans everywhere to Kick?n Chick?nz: Medieval Karnival for some clean, fun family entertainment.?

The game app has a wealth of interactive elements tailored to advance the story, including:
? Beautifully animated cinematic that tells the story behind the Medieval Karnival.
? Robust and fun achievements that accumulate earning golden eggs, which can be used to purchase treats, dolls or the Fanciest of Dragon Hats for Margie, one of the two characters in the story behind the game. Most players find the achievements to enrich their experience, taking the gameplay to a deeper level.
? Gameplay statistics reports so you can see how well you have been playing.
? Game Center integration so you can compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score or most achievements in each game.

?Kick?n Chick?nz: Medieval Karnival? is available on the App Store for the iPhone ($0.99) and and iPad HD ($1.99).

For more info go to kicknchicknz dot com.

About Atomic Chimp Games
Founded in 2011, Atomic Chimp Games is a game development and production company based in Redmond, Washington and founded by seasoned industry veterans. What makes Atomic Chimp Games unique is that the majority of the art and animation staff were completely trained in game development by Atomic Chimp Games? Creative Director, Michael Ingrassia in his capacity as 3D game instructor at the 3D Training Academy, an elite training facility based in Redmond, Washington. Atomic Chimp Games? philosophy is to develop games and applications that are fun, funny, include a compelling story and have top-notch visual aesthetics.

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