Keep 'Em Coming!

Rene Ritchie

Old Man Ritchie
Jan 12, 2007
Hi Folks!

We're trying to get back on a normal schedule with the Lightning Reviews, and we have literally metric tons of 25% off prizes for everyone to win, but we need you to help us out a little!

1. Get with the reviewing! Which apps are you using? Which are you hating? Which are you loving? Pick the ones you have the strongest opinion on and share! (Can't let cjvitek have all the fun, can we?!)

2. Please make sure you include screen shots. The more, the better. (Press down "home" and "sleep" at the same time to take a screen shot, then attach it to your review).

3. Check out these great Lighting Reviews already sent up to the front page. We know you got one in you: Lightning Reviews | The iPhone Blog

With over 3000 apps already flooding the store, it's tough to figure out what's must have from must avoid. Give your fellow forum members (and TiPb readers!) a hand. Give us a Lightning Review!