Keep an old backup from a whatsapp business account with no number change

Cau Barba Venturi

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May 4, 2020
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I recently left my old job and i'm required to hand in the job phone i was using for 5 y.
I have very important info on whatsapp that i need to keep, but i only have one iphone 7 and a personal account that has also been around for 8 y or so.

The thing is, i won't be getting a business line soon, but i need to keep the backup for personal records.
Can i keep the business backup and my active personal whatsapp on the same phone without risking that the new owner of the line will load my chat history?

Can i deactivate a business account and KEEP the history?
And eventually have a new business number that loads the old history?

Som Kundu

Sep 9, 2014
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Whatsapp chat history can be backed up to iCloud from its settings. But they are also number specific.

1. So if you backup your whatsapp history (including photos and videos) to iCloud on your XXX number on say iPhone 7, you can still move to a different iPhone, login with SAME iCloud account and configure your Whatsapp with the SAME number to restore your chat history and media.
2. But if your number changes, you will not be able to restore the chat history to the new number.