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Keep a diary of your life?s journey with MyiStory for iOS


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Dec 22, 2010
MyiStory is your story of a day, a week, a life. Record your story day by day in words, pictures, videos, audio and music.

There are days you wish you?d never forget. With MyiStory (App Store - MyiStory) you can be sure you will always remember them, whether it?s a wedding of your daughter, first step of your child, or just a night out with friends or a holiday trip.

This easy to use journal helps you to record your everyday ideas, thoughts, photos, podcasts, and videos and wrap them up in an eBook that can be printed or shared with your friends via social networks.


Features include:

- Journal your memories, thoughts & feelings

- Collate and store your photos and videos within MyiStory

- Export your existing photos from Camera Roll in the specific date they were taken and create an instant diary

- Create an E-Book and/or a Slide Show of a special event or a special year!!

- Add thought bubbles to create memorable images

- Use audio recordings to keep audio memories

- Protect your privacy with passcode authentication.

- Backup with iTunes file sharing

- Search key words and locate your journals conveniently

- Post journal directly to friend or share on Facebook, as private or public as you wish.

MyiStory captures the happiest days of your life!



Download from iTunes: App Store - MyiStory


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Dec 3, 2009
This app sounds good. I was just wondering what the cost, if any, would be for the ebooks. Because to me being able to have family members read what you have put together would be very important.