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Oct 30, 2012
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Are you ready to see something incredible? Take a little look at this:

That, my friend, is what it looks like when I play Jumble Word. See, I got the eight letter word, belchers,
for crying out loud! I do believe that a voice from the game told Steven Hawking to ?step aside? when I
submitted that game winner.

You have to admit, it?s pretty good. Take these letters, CLBEESRH, and see what you can make out of
them. I bet you wouldn?t have gotten belchers if I hadn?t told you about it. But maybe you?d get BEE, or
HEEL, HERE. Or perhaps you?re the type to stick to the two letter words, like, BE, and HE. I suppose that?s
a strategy some employ; get as many little words as possible for the extra words points. But I prefer to
look for the 5-8 letter words. The points are much better there, what with the extra bonus points for
each added letter. And clearly, my strategy pays off, because:

Boom! First place! Jumble Word has a unique and completely awesome ranking system for all the online
facebook players. Part of the reason that it?s awesome is that I?m ranked as God, but aside from that,
it?s fun to see where I stand with the games I play with different friends. Obviously I?m always better
than them, (too much yet?) but it also gives me fun statistics about how many points we each get, how
many two letter words, how many eight letter words, etc.

Not only is it fun to win, especially when I get that special satisfaction of guessing the eight letter word,
it?s just fun to play. I love hearing the creative encouragements when I get 6-8 letter words, and I even
like to hear the little jibes when I continually spell the words wrong. (Did you know that being called
a homeschooler can be a compliment and an insult?) I must admit though, that I do get panicky and
flustered when the timer does it?s little running-out-of-time song. In those moments, even I am reduced
to finding two letter words.

I challenge you to a game of Jumble Word. Download Jumble Word, go to ?with friends? and play the
random opponents occasionally; maybe you?ll see me, and know what it?s like to play against a god.

Download JumbleWord now for iPhone and iPad!


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