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Jailbroken iPhone 4 stopped booting, HELP!


New member
Feb 4, 2011
I have had my Verizon iPhone4 Jailbroken since launch. I was just installing a new app update and it stopped installing. So I held down the home/power button to reset the phone, however, now it won't boot past the logo (I have a boot logo, the apple transitions to the boot logo and then won't move any further), is there any way past this or do I have to restore?

Please help?



Sep 7, 2010
Have you tried just letting it sit and load for a little while? I've seen boots take several minutes at times, especially if there was a foul up of any magnitude.

If you've let it sit and you've tried the the various holding power/home options (i believe its something like holding power and home for 10 seconds and then releasing power but holding home for 15 more seconds or something like that) then your only option may just be a restore, which will require a new jailbreak.