Jailbroke iphone 5!


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Feb 21, 2013
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Im a newbie here(I know how annoying we are but I got to start somewhere so go easy on me lol)Well after hearing about how much better it is I finally went through with it. So far its great. I got winterboard and its pretty cool but what im wondering is some of the themes dont work with ios 6+. Is there a easy way to customize your own. Like I want to put a pic or 2 on the background when im in my messages and change my lock screen around. Among a bunch of other things too! Just wondering if there is a easy way to go about it. Thanks!


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Nov 6, 2011
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yeah dude, its pretty simple.
you just need to have the right tools.
gimp, or photoshop on your pc
ifunbox, or an ssh client

all you really need to learn is where to put the stuff you create

to theme the background of your messaging app find the picture you want,
resize it to 960x960 (pixels)
save it as SMSBackground@2x and put it in var/stash/"your theme name"
then select it in winterboard