jailbreaking 2.2 problems?


Dec 20, 2008
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Hey guys, :)

im new to the TiPb community and i like wat i see so far, i have a few questions that would hlep me make my final decision wether or not to jail broke my iPhone. I currently ordered a new iPhone it will be here in 3 days and i wanna jail break it:D

1. I heard that jailbreaking 2.2 causes battery issues:confused:
2. I have vista and i dont know which software to jail break with
i.e either quick pwn or pwanage?
3. Is there ANY other issues people have reported after jailbreaking 2.2:(
4. Will this mess up my phone service???
5. Do you guys think i should jailbreak it right away or wait a while for 2.2 jailbreak to be more stable (if it needs to):p

Thanks guys for all your help!

P.S great work admins on this site, especially ash
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Dec 3, 2008
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1. Did not experience any battery issues, nor did I hear of any.
2. QuickPWN is the simple jailbreaking software if you do not care about unlocking the iPhone (to be used with other carriers). If you care about unlocking, read the guides for Pwanage.
3. Did not experience any problems. In fact, JB 2.2 was my first JB ever and I am positive I will never use Apple's official firmware.
4. If u want to wait to get used to the iphone first, then that makes sense. But, if u want to wait for more "stability", there is nothing to wait for.

I hope that helps.

EDIT: and remember, you can always JB and play around with it; if you dont like it or experiencing issues, a 10 min iTunes restore will put it back to the way u got it.


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Jul 10, 2008
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I agree with all points, except for the unlocking part, simply because if it is a new iPhone, it will probably already be upgraded to the new baseband and 2.2 firmware.

E Pow

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Jul 23, 2008
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1. I've never had any battery issues, my battery is actually better since 2.2. It was horrible on 2.1

2. I have a Mac and I jail-broke mine using Pwanage. It was very simple, really, really simple. Jailbreaking my iphone 3g was the best 30 mins of my life spent.

3. The only issues I experienced with jailbreaking 2.2 is getting mad at Apple for not having all the features STANDARD in the iphone that I had to get from jailbreaking it.

4. Your phone service wont be bothered at all.

5. I say jailbreak it as soon as you can. The first jailbroken apps you should get in my opinion are Cycorder, and PDAnet. This way you can really see the GREAT things your iphone can do.

All the statements made are just my personal opinion and hopefully your questions and concerns have been answered.
Remember....just like "Melwan" said, you can always restore it back if you dont like it.

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!!!!
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