Jailbreak issue - No themes/tweaks working (iOS 6.1.2)


Dec 5, 2010
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I apologize in advance if this is a repost.

So to try and make a long story short: I finally was able to Unlock my phone via AT&T, since I am Jailbroken and iOS 7 is just a mess right now I decided to do a Semi-Restore. I did it and receive the "Your Phone has been Unlocked" notification. I go back, restore from backup and everything is still fine.

Things start to get bad however, after the restore and re-install every theme/tweak I have. I installed Ayecon, Satcon and SimpleIcons theme, none of them worked at all. I installed Weathericon, LiveClock, and Forecast, all of which installed but are not functioning AT ALL. I have no idea what the problem is. Should I do a semi-restore again and start clean without Restore backup. Mind you, All these tweaks are iOS 6 comp and i5 comp. They all worked on my phone before Semi-Restore but now I pretty have a stock iPhone that just happens to have access to Cydia. No, I am not in Safe Mode either. I hope someone can help. Thank you in Advance.