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Dec 5, 2008
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so i played with a iphone for three days and loved it (currently a BB curve user)....

i am thinking of moving to the iphone and hoping somebody could help answer a few questions I still have...

i read a few threads about jailbreaking the iphone and still very confused...

what exactly is the advantage of jailbreaking ? from what i read it seems u can just install apps from the net for free vs paying for them in the app store ? i have heard the device can keep u better alerted if you have new mail if its jailborken can anybody elaborate on this ?

I am running windows XP, is it possible to jailbreak the device running OS2.2 from the sticky thread i read this can only be done on the mac ? i have heard peoples phone turn to bricks running jail break (what are the actual risks) :/ is it possible to still revert it back to OS2.2 if it does become a brick ? or if i dont like the jailbroken and decide its not worth the risk can i revert it before it becomes a brick ?

and maybe this should be posted in another forum but i use aim a lot on my blackberry, does anybody know if there will be any "Always on solutions" for aim on iphone ? also google maps seems to only pinpoint me within 80 meters is the GPS just not very accurate on the device ? any rumors on turn by turn software for the thing?

with that said i absolutely love the thing, its smooth, i dont have to think much on how to use it, comes very naturally...the bloomberg stock app is absolutely amazing seems to give me realtime information and i can even turn the device to see the graphs, and stock news!!! must have for the investor. youtube is also amazing i just love it! i really want to keep the device and replace it with my BB!

your guys input would be greatly appreciated


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Jul 10, 2008
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Jailbreak apps have functionality that APple might not allow in the SDK. There are some really good apps out there, and not all are free.

You can definitely jailbreak from XP. You just need the latest version of .NET installed.

You can revert back to factory settings by performing the restore in iTunes.

As for AIM, you can use Palringo and as long as you keep the app open, it will stay connected. Jailbroken phones can use backgrounder to have it always on. Please note that this will kill the battery fast.

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