iTunes Syncying isues after laptop crash


Jun 22, 2009
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Wish this could have been made easier by apple. Here is my Query & story:

I had itunes on a XP machine synced to my iphone 3g, recently my XP crashed so I had to format the OS partition with wiped itunes too. When I reinstalled everything, synced my iphone and it asked me that its my 2nd comp that i'm activating the iphone with (3 more left out of 5), i was desperate and went ahead. It did bring up all my applications that were there. This time I saved itunes folder onto the data folder.

To my horror, the XP crashed again within 24 hrs because of the HDD fault. So this time I had to replace the HDD and reinstall everything. I was able to retrieve my data and thus the itunes folder off the old HDD, so I installed itunes again over my earlier 2nd installation. Now it does syncs with the iphone, but there are only 5-6 applications out of fifty that should be there. Thankfully all the apps are there on the phone. The option to sync apps in itunes is presently off by default, if i switch it on it gives a warning that all my apps on the iphone will be replaced, so that risking replaying 50 apps with 6. Or am I missing something ? :confused:

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