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iTunes saying I bought a song in a mac version & won't let me create a second for a ringtone


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So I right click and change the times but when I go to do the conversion it is not there. I have checked the import settings and it is already set to aac. please help!


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Mar 26, 2015
The way I've done it in iTunes in the past was

1- select the song you want as ringtone

2- Command and letter i for Info

3-click Options tab

4- enable a Start time and End time. Click OK


5- Convert the song to aac.

6- drag that converted song to the desktop.

7- change the extension of the song on your desktop to m4r. - this is the Tone extension that iTunes recognizes

8- drag this m4r into iTunes

9- it will now be in the Tones section of iTunes

10- plug in iPhone and setup syncing Tones.

11- go to Sounds on iPhone and select it as ringtone.

Long convoluted process, but it's a free ringtone of your music.