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iTunes removed apps + data from iPod touch. How can I get them back?


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Oct 10, 2014
iTunes deleted several of my apps after syncing, after re-authorizing and syncing again the apps are back but a lot of app data is lost. Here's how it happened:

I went to sync my iPod touch 5th gen with itunes on my new macbook and iTunes said that all 5 of my authorizations were used up, I didn't have an internet connection at the time, so I clicked cancel on the sync. I looked at the ipod and several apps were removed. I reset all of the authorizations back to 0 and then authorized my new macbook, re-synced the iPod and it started to reinstall all of my apps, but all of the data in those apps are gone. That data was actually pretty important and I need to find a way to get it back.

Any help is much appreciated!
Thank you!

iPod touch, iOS 8.1, 5th Gen.


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Sep 12, 2008
You need to restore a backup of that iPod. Hopefully there is one present in iTunes still.

Right click on the device when it's connected to iTunes and see if there is a "restore from backup" option.

Or hopefully there is an iCloud backup of that iPod that you can also restore.