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iTunes no longer works. The first notice was trying to start iTunes and received an error stating the drive is either locked or I didn't have permission to the folder. This occurred without any previous changes to accounts or privileges - or at least none I am aware of. Only two people use the laptop myself and my wife.

Here is what I've done to date attempting to fix the problem. The two paths involved are c:\Program Files

iTunes and c:\users\mike\music\itunes with the subsequent subfolders from itunes install. Have ensured the permissions are set for my account (administrative permissions), system, and Authenticated users (all but full control). Then reviewed the permissions for each sub-folder thru the each path down to individual music mp3 files. All permissions were as they should be.

Starte iTunes with right click and 'run as administrator'. No change.

Ran repair from the control panel on each Apple app that gets installed with iTunes. No change.

Disabled anti-virus thinking an profile update changed security processes - no change.

Ran several other apps to ensure I could read, write, modify, delete files into the same iTunes paths - no problems with Word, Excel, photos, and one downloaded PDF file.

At this juncture uninstalled all iTunes components including bonjour, quicktime, and icloud. Used CCleaner to search for orphaned iTunes registry items. Deleted all iTunes folders. Downloaded latest version. Ran complete antivirus scans before install with no problems found. Disabled anti-virus. Ran installs as administrator. No errors during install. Start iTunes as administrator - same error.

Just installed the latest major update from Microsoft - AND - repeated the uninstall and reinstall repeating the attention to detail above. No change. iTunes simply cannot find the .itl file (which is where it should be) and if I try to create or manually find the .itl the message is disk is either locked or permissions are not correct.

I've used iTunes for many years because the app offers more features in a single app than any other product. Any ideas?


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Jan 15, 2016
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Did you uninstall iTunes following the exact steps as outlined by Apple? There is a very specific way that iTunes must be uninstalled, otherwise when you reinstall you'll just get the same errors over and over.

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