iTunes Match working then not working


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Mar 1, 2013
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Here is the situation:

3 Dell laptops (running Windows 7) all with iTunes and iTunes Match has been turned on

iPhone 5 - iTunes Match turned on

iPad 2 - iTunes Match turned on

Was having problems getting ALL music to show up on iPhone and iPad. Turned iTunes Match on and off on 1 laptop and then did the same thing on other 2 laptops. All music showed up on iPhone and iPad. 2 days later, songs were missing again from both devices. Turned off iTunes Match in iTunes on laptop where MOST of the songs have been burned/purchased/downloaded (I will call this the Main Laptop from here on) and turned it back on again and voila - all songs appeared again on both devices.

Now another 2 days later, songs are missing again. I think there might be a setting that I have missed since the songs keep disappearing and coming back. Any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated! I would just go into an Apple store with the devices but all of this is for my boss so I don't have the devices in hand. Thanks so much!!