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iTunes Match - libraries on 2 different computers


New member
Jan 12, 2011
Hi Everyone,
I have one library of music on iTunes on my home computer (14K songs) and another library at my office with around the same amount. The two libraries contain mostly the same data, but there are times when I have slacked a little on the maintenance of the two libraries. There are some songs that are only on one of the computers, so I'm wondering how iTunes match handles the process when adding these two libraries. I'm hoping it goes as follows:

1) turn on iTunes match on home computer and scan the 14K library.
2) Match what can be matched and upload what needs to be uploaded.
3) This establishes my "iTunes Match library".
4) Turn on Matching on my work computer and it will scan that library. My hope is that it will:
a) identify items that have already been matched or uploaded and pass them by (basically treating them as items I've already downloaded to the local machine from the cloud).
b) identify additional items for matching and uploading - then carry that out.
5) this will leave me with one, consolidated "iTunes Match Library".

My fear is that it's going to try to upload both libraries in its entirety and push me over the 25K song limit. Can anyone confirm how this will work with my two libraries?



New member
Aug 9, 2010
It does work, it won't upload and keep duplicates. I turned it on, on both of my computers.

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