iTunes Match and Losing End of Songs


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Feb 8, 2011
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Is anyone familiar with this phenomenon? This is a joke, right? That's right, I am affected by this. Checked music I ripped myself, seems no issues. (I have a lot of songs so can't check them all). I checked songs downloaded from the iTunes stores maybe 8 or so years ago, some are cut off, some not, but it seems the oldest songs are the ones affected, make sense? Do I just need to re-download them from the store? Songs downloaded in past few years seem fine. I downloaded the complete U2 maybe 8 years ago, that is a lot of music, it all seems fine. That's a big phew as it is like 500 or so songs!!

Here's my situation:

I recently subscribed to iTunes Match, and am unsure if I had this problem prior.

I am using an iPhone 5, I am not at home right now so I am unable to test on iTunes 11.0.1 that I have installed.

I recently got a new laptop however I did not move my music files as they reside on an NAS. The only thing I did was create a new library file locally and add the music folder on the NAS to iTunes which then associated everything to the new .itl file.

So, how do I fix what I find as bad? Is this maybe just due to match? Is this isolated to just iPods and iPhones? Is this isolated to matched vs. uploaded at all? And a strange one, don't laugh, but I purchased 10cc I'm not in love about 7 or 8 years ago from the iTunes store. There is whispering at the end that used to be there, now it is gone, did they switch the version when I did match?


Jan 13, 2012
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I have a similar situation. I listen to music with the "Equalizer" app. A lot of albums wouldnt play due to DRM. I had to pay for the DRM free versions. Now however some songs wont play to the end. It'l play so far then the next song will start, but with the timer still counting down the previous song. Weird.

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