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Oct 5, 2010
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Ever since I added iTunes Match, new songs added to my library are truncated at about the 2 minute mark and the Music app gets confused by playing the next song in my playlist with the same effect. There are multiple threads on Apple Support Communities board with no solution.

Most are having issues with iOS 6 and cloud matched songs. I have the issue no matter if I hard sync the AAC or MP3 or stream/download a title to my devices over the cloud. And for me, it started before iOS 6. My iPhone 4 and 5, my kids 4th gen iPods and my iPad (3) all suffer from the same problem.

Here are some interesting observations.
- On my MacBook Pro and iMac, the song files and playlists play fine...same with iTunes Match over my Apple TV.
- Not all songs suffer this, just mostly all the songs I added since subscribing to iTM.
- If I play the song singularly (as in search for one of the suspect songs by Song, Artist, ect) it will still skip to the next song adjacent in the playlist it's in despite not being played from that playlist.
- If I delete the song from all/any playlists and play it singularly, it still cuts off about the 2 min mark and plays blank/silent for the remainder of the songs duration.

I've tried all the deleting, re-downloading, re-matching, turning off iTM on both iOS devices and my Library. I even thought upgrading from my iPhone 4 to the 5 would re-set something, but nothing has solved this issue.

Anyone else having this problem or solved it?
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Jan 13, 2012
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I had the same issues with a bunch of my songs. What I did was deleted the songs from my iTunes library on my MacBook and then redownloaded it fro the "cloud". It worked for me. You can also delete the song completely from your itunes Match.

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