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Dec 11, 2008
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does itunes only store one backup at a time or should it keep a backup for every time you sync up so far i can only get itunes to save one backup at a time when i try to do a second backup it just replaces the first one. is this just how it works? i would think you would be able to save every backup so you could restore from a older one. if this is not right how do i fix it.


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Mar 27, 2005
No it does not save every backup. From what I have seen it seems to be pretty random. It seems to overwrite a backup file every time it backups. But like I said, it does not create a separate file for each backup.


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Feb 22, 2009
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Way to get MULTIPLE iphone backups (restore points)

I just figured a simple work around to get multiple restore points for my iphone.

I'm on my 3rd iphone. My itunes keeps 3 backups (the last backup from each specific iphone- apparently it notices a different serial number replacement iphone, and keeps one per serial #.) I had my computer crash yesterday, and my iphone contacts were corrupted. Like in my iphone call log & voicemail suddenly there were lots of phone numbers there instead of people's NAMES from my contacts!. IN contacts, there names were ther, but no phone number! I restarted computer with the intention of accessing a good iphone backup from itunes. I went through restore & everything, but there was not a GOOD backup there. There was a couple months old from my last iphone, and the new corrupted one which got created as soon as I plugged in my corrupted iphone! In other words, As soon as I plugged the iphone in it synced and immediately OVER wrote any good relevant iphone backup with the current corrupted iphone! So, I went to a December backup from my last iphone.

Future Prevention:
1. You can manually backup anytime from itunes by rt. clicking phone, but it replaces the last backup. Still can only keep ONE!! No solution there.

2. So I plugged my iphone into my wife's computer. Presto. (Don't sync with a new computer!! Just let the iphone be recognized). I right clicked it & it backed up FINE on her computer. That will be my restore point!! I don't know if this requires you to "sign in" to itunes store with same username or not on the 2ndary backup computer.- My wife's computer WAS signed in to my itunes username when I did this backup on her computer.

3. Contacts: Since corrupted contacts during an "iphone-itunes sync & crash" started this whole mess, I'm chaning my contact sync from Outlook to gmail, AND then switching to the brand new "google sync" (feb 09). I've read all the info I can find and this will work better for me than outlook!

4. I guess I should periodically export a "restore point" of contacts from my gmail contacts just in case a future iphone file problem transfers into gmail contacts.
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