iT releasing iPhone killer? Be the judge


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Oct 18, 2012
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hello piepels from forums! this is a article i founded on indiansubcontinent-mobile magazine. i thinke they are going to beat the iphones technology by many kilometres far. it is MUCH more advanced and I hope for america sake it will also being released there but priority given to local indians marketplace.

"Mumbai -- Today IndiaTelecom executive Hajari Benchoot introduced what he called the "iPhone killer of 2012". The phone will be released exclusive to IndiaTelecom's network on a 6 year contract for 40,000 rupees. One great feature is the PanduChatbox(tm) support for only 2,600 rupees per month as well as the optional PashtunLover(tm) package (for which prices have not yet been released) which will come with exclusive Sharukh Khan photos and interviews and a DVD of 'Um Shanti Um'.

The phone will be the first phone to support IndiaTelecom's EDGE network that is currently being rolled out in major cities. The EDGE network is expected to cover at least 20 cities by 2013 and 25 by 2014 which Benchoot called "a difficult, but realistic target". The TX568-31Br, as the phone will be called, will rival American phones such as the iPhone and "beats it left to right in almost all areas" said Benchoot in the press conference.

The phone will also support connection to external cameras to take pictures straight from the phone. Unlike the iPhone, it will actually have a full keyboard which Benchoot called "a vital tool in business environments". Whether it will have a GPS chip was not announced but there are rumours that it will feature full GPS and maps although Benchoot refused to comment on this issue.

Benchoot also said it will be "faster by a lot of distance" compared to the iPhone. "We have a very qualified team of engineers working out the bells and whistles. This device is the iPhone killer the world's been waiting for."

More details are expected to be released as the release date of 10 December nears."

Source: MumbaiMobileMania Magazie

So what do you piepel think? The iphone killer? I think so. Althoug not all specs are announced with the info we have we can conclude this i thinke