issue with 'log into itunes for push notifications' message


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Jan 5, 2012
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I got my AT&T iphone 5 yesterday, and it's been great, except for the fact that any apps that utilized push (facebook, twitter, paypal, linkedin, etc, etc) have a pop up message every time i try to open them. it says 'connect to itunes to use push notifications' and i can't get the message to go away other than by open the multi-tasker and closing the app. i've reset settings, reset network settings, and done a hard reset, none of which have worked. i'm at work right now, so when i get home i'm going to back up the phone first - i know this is the most important thing - then restore it to factory settings, then back it up from the back i'd just done. anyone else having this issue/having any ideas on how to fix it?



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Dec 2, 2013
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Hi nickhleviine#1M,
I have the same problem and I've done many of the suggested solutions on several forums, but they do not work. I have ios 6.1.4 and often have backed up my iPhone, but I do not want to accidentally get an ios 7 software accidentally loaded since you can not go back. Please let me know if backing it up restored your iPhone to the NON-ios 7 version. Somewhere else on this forum, there was a suggestion to six it via a different method, but that involved restoring it to ios7, which I do not want with all the problems, and I prefer the ios 6 graphics). Here it is pasted, should you want to know:

'After upgrading to iOS 7 on any of the iDevices, some users experienced loss of Push capability.
It reflected mostly in users trying to use iMessage and FaceTime and in return, receiving an annoying popup message that reads: "Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications"

The sad truth is that all Push capability is lost. No Exchange push, no WhatsApp push, no Game Center push (I wonder if that bothers anyone...)

So here I offer the solution to you world. Enjoy and remember that the tool was provided by the great developers of RedSn0w.

Since it's not a beta anymore - anyone can use this solution.

1.Download RedSn0w from the following links:
Mac OSx: Click here [ nickhleviine#1M, let me paste the link since it got lost in my pasting this: ]
Windows: Click here [ nickhleviine#1M, ]
2.Connect your iDevice to the computer with the USB cable
3.Open RedSn0w
4.Click on "Extras"
5.Click on "Even More"
6.Click on "Deactivate"
7.Now your iDevice is deactivated and should show an activation screen
8.Open iTunes on your computer
9.iTunes should detect that the iDevice is connected and try to activate it
10.If all is good and apple sends the activation tickets, your iDevice goes back to normal, only this time - with Push Capability.'


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