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Jun 16, 2009
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Hi everyone!
Let me tell you something about this app.
This is the definitive OFFLINE guide for the next World Cup.
The iSA2010Guide displays all the information you need to know for the next World Cup.
When matches are played? Who plays the games? Where are this played? What?s the schedule for the matches? All this information is available on the application.
Most importantly, you don?t need to be connected to any network to see all this information because you?ll have it all available on your iphone.

iSA2010Guide is definitely the application that everyone wants to have.

* Complete schedule of all the matches of the next World Cup, organized by day, stage and city.
* Stadium: characteristics and matches being played and data from the host city.
* Host Cities: data, stadiums and matches being played in each city
* Groups: Composition of the groups, matches and information about each team.
* Teams: name of players organized by position.

All the information in a neat and well organized interface that you can easily navigate to find what you need.

Future Features:

* New teams added: Australia, Japan, Korea Republic and Netherlands. ( Status: in review )

If you wanna know more just follow this link
El Patagonauta

Best Regards,

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