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Islamic Compass


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Jul 13, 2009
Islamic Compass ? for iPhone 3Gs and Android released.
Application for finding the direction to Qibla and the local prayer times from anywhere in the world.

July 13, 2009. Islamic Compass is the leading compass application for iPhone 3Gs and Google Android. The application gives the correct direction to Qibla in Mecca and it calculates the local prayer times. It uses the actual GPS coordinates and the magnetometer of the device. When you move to another location or rotate your mobile phone the compass automatically points to the right direction. Future prayer times can be found easily in all six different calculation methods.
?We are very pleased that Islamic Compass supports our community?, says Imam Osman Etyemez from the Kuba Mosque. Islamic Compass is very useful for the daily needs of all Muslims. The Imam presents the functionalities of the application on a video on the website Islamic Compass - Qibla finder and global prayer times for mobile phones
Islamic Compass also will be available voor Symbian and Windows Mobile shortly. It?s our goal to develop the standard for all Muslims and we invite everybody to give us suggestions at our website to give us the opportunity to serve your needs as good as possible.
Download the application from the AppStore at iTunes Store
or search the Android Market.


Islamic Compass
Islamic Compass - Qibla finder and global prayer times for mobile phones