Is there a way to force my iPhone to go back to LTE when the Wi-Fi bandwidth starts to drop?

CrackBerry Kevin

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Aug 30, 2007
This is one of those things that has driven me CRAZY throughout the years. Let me explain with two scenarios:

1) I'm in another country roaming, so when I get to the hotel in my room I connect to the hotel's Wi-Fi so I'm not using my data. I use the typical hotel internet browser login screen to connect. The internet is good for 24 hours. 25 hours later, I'm in the hotel. My Wi-Fi is still connected, however my user session has expired. The phone doesn't drop back to LTE. Instead, nothing works, and I'm still connected to Wi-Fi. Eventually when I realize I'm not getting messages, I go to the browser and reconnect. If only the phone realized the data stopped flowing through Wi-Fi, it could have dropped me back to LTE which would have been a preferred user experience (it could notify me that this happened).

2) When I'm at home in my condo, I have great Wi-Fi. But when I got out the back door and I'm sitting in my car before I go, or maybe I'm going for a walk and I'm a block away, I still am connected to my Wi-Fi network, but at both these points the bandwidth getting through is almost non existent. The data is SLOW. The Wi-Fi connection is still there and reasonably strong - just no data is flowing. When I realize this I turn off Wi-Fi and immediately LTE kicks in and data is fast again.

So that's my issue. Questions are:

1) Am I understanding the issue here correctly?

2) Is there a way to get the iPhone to just drop these bunk Wi-Fi connections and automatically switch to carrier network?

3) If not native, are there apps that monitor this and do it for you? Any recommended ones?

Thanks iMore!


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Oct 22, 2010
Re: questions... 1)yeah...nature of the beast to prefer wifi. 2)none I know of other than bring up the control panel and turn off the wifi. 3)I've not heard of such an app.

Ariel Babalao

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May 8, 2014
While you are in the hotel, and moment after you login your wifi section, ask Siri to remind you 24h later that you need to re-activate your wifi section, it will take less than 30s for Siri to set you a reminder for that.
While you are almost away from your home, and before you loose signals, ask Siri to turn off wifi. Once wifi is off, it should fall back to LTE if LTE was/is still enable.
It will take 5s to Siri to turn off your wifi and voila.

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Oct 22, 2010
This bit from the iOS 9 latest beta release notes should be of interest to Kevin:

--Added option to use "Wi-Fi Assist" in Cellular settings to "automatically use cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor".


Oct 2, 2013
Set timer @ 23 hours.
Set alarm for time of choice.
Or use Reminders.
Then switch from wifi to LTE!

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