Is there a site that could help me in regard to developing an Watch app?


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I have a couple of ideas for an apple I watch app. Is there a list or site showing of independent programmers that could help me.


Oct 2, 2013
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Have you searched online to see if your feature idea has been done already?

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Nov 15, 2010
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Also keep in mind that the best watch apps right now are extensions of existing phone apps. That will most likely change at some point.
Ideas aren't as valuable as ability to execute. Unfortunately your odds aren't good of out executing devs who can build their own ideas. That's not a criticism really it's just that you will be at the mercy of another dev that will be happy to get paid and will not give you an accurate assessment of potential success. Because no one knows.
I would suggest then rather then trying to hire someone, start with learning about the app store first and what is available there and what makes money and why. If you are serious about it these activities will be very worthwhile. How to get it coded is the last piece of the puzzle not the first. And just to set your expectations, very few make enough money selling apps for a living. The levels are:
- doesn't recoupe dev account
- pizza money
- take the spouse/special friend out to dinner once a month
- helps to pay some bills
- not quite enough to quit day job
- supports one dev almost as well as a job would
- lots of money
Now consider that apps that start to make some money generally have a nice design and get updated both in design and and functionality. So take the above list and divide split proceeds by 2. But i can assume by your question that you are not experienced in app dev or design so you will be splitting it by 3. I have done solo and trio. In all cases if they paid me for my dev time, the project would have been a complete failure. We are still going for gold but I can say it's a big effort. Whatever the dev projects for time - quadruple it. Anyone dev who can accurately assess dev budget is rightfully very expensive or not high end.

There are lots of devs out there that work alone, as a duo and a few as a trio. Thankfully some are very open about their experiences and you can learn a lot from them. It's all out there if you want to go for it but starting out with the notion of spending money to make your ideas to life is a very risky way to go. Look online for Vesper App. These are very sophisticated app people that know their stuff. I'll leave it to you to see if how it turns out.

Ideas are fun and can get you on the path to learning. But there are lots of people with ideas and very few that execute well enough to make any real money despite their talents and significant effort. Add to that even when executed well the market for any idea is limited by how many are willing to pay and it is ever changing and VERY fickle.

Hope that is helpful. Cheers.

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