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Is the iPhone still cool? Maybe not


New member
Oct 22, 2010
Wait a tic. If its a status symbol device, then how does the cool factor not come into play?

God forbid the apacolypse hits and the phone is no longer cool, would people dump it like yesterday's newspapers for the next big thing?

Yes, in a heartbeat. Especially of it "just worked" as well the iPhone.

What if that happens?

That's a whole lot of "IF"....

You could "if" in one had, and poop in the other - and what have you got? One dirty hand...


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Jul 12, 2012
By the way, not all teachers are necessarily brilliant... The argument made here isn't very strong from the start. Your client should go and present it to the company that sold hundreds of millions of iOS devices in a matter of months. You're in North America. There's much more "older" people than "younger" people as it is. Apple sells precisely because it adresses all. Cool has to do with it only in some limited circles - mainly teenagers - and even there, you've yet to define "cool". When daddy buys iPhones for the whole family, he's cool, even though mom and he obviously got one in the process. And if the newest stupid blonde pop singer has got one, well you can be pretty sure the iPhone will remain cool even though the "uncoolest" old fart in the world has got one too.

Movies exhibit iPhones. Celebrities use iPhones. Important businesses value iPhones. Cool cars come equiped with "Made for iPod/Phone" media center and else. The best A/V brands out there are paying royalties for Airplay or "Made..." docks, and they all say they've got the best way to preserve the integrity of your music. Saying that a shift in "coolness perception" - in this case, young people towards older people exhibiting the same device - could unravel such a market is audacious. Pretty sure your client has to think through it all over again. I guess one day Apple will lose some of that "cool" factor we have to admit it has now. But that won't be the end of Apple - it's just that things will have to settle at one point, iOS devices will become, if you may, just another thing. Craziness will find another sweetspot, dust will settle, things will appear as they are, and Apple will still be there, as definite and undisputable as - say - Microsoft. It's not like it's all smoke and keynotes, you know, there's proven, reliable, innovative hardware that has gotten itself in about every corner of the world to consider here.


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Dec 23, 2010
Just saw your post over on WP Central, The iPhone is no longer cool. I didn't want to troll over there, like you're doing here, but it just cracks me up! So, cool is Microsoft, and Windows, and Nokia? ROTFLMAO! And speaking of old folks, wasn't the Metro interface made for seniors? I don't know if Apple or iPhone are "cool", but I don't see any hipsters here in San Francisco using WP. Just sayin'!


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Oct 12, 2011
That assessment is certainly contrary to what I see with my daughter and all of her friends. They all either have the iPhone or want it. I gave her the option of any phone she wanted for her birthday and it was no contest, she didn't even want to look at other phones and she has experience with both android and windows phone thru my work. Her feedback was that the iPhone just works and she also hates the monster screen sizes of most android phones as do most of her friends. They see the large screens as a requirement for older people so they can read the screen without their glasses!


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May 9, 2011
Between my wife and I we've owned lots of smartphones (she's got a 4s and I have a Galaxy Nexus). What stokes the iPhones' fire is that it's a beautiful piece of hardware (that was key to Jobs), that the OS is married to the phone (Jobs again), and all the apps available (Jobs). The latest model just refines it with stuff people want (camera, 4G, better maps). Not cutting edge stuff, but stuff that people like us expect in a premium phone and use a lot. Apples advertises a ton (always has), which attracts the younger buyers. I can't remember the last ad I saw for a Nokia phone, and Samsung hardly ever on TV. The other key is that Apple keeps the price high, they never waver on that. There's no way one company can "take over" the smartphone market, but they get their share and then some. Their original goal was 5% within 2 years and they surpassed that by a ton. The iPhone is very similar to my Galaxy Nexus in a lot of ways in what it does and how it does it. I like the bigger screen and now the iPhone has a bigger screen too. They are neck and neck IMO. But my two 24-25 year old stepsons have iPhones. One tried a MotoDroid and a Motorola X and jumped ship after a couple years. Windows has yet to even scratch the surface of the smartphone market because they don't have a way cool looking phone that people want. All they have is some (so far) clunky software. I had a few Blackberrys back in their day. They blew it by not having a good touchscreen phone. I had a Storm (for 2 weeks) and it sucked. They just hung on to the "business" market and the keypad crowd, and the crowd thinned out like Guns and Roses' comeback. Just my .02.
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