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Is the iPhone call reception signal different on each iPhone model?


New member
Apr 1, 2014
iPhone call reception signal on different iPhone models

How is the call reception signal on the iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s? Is one iPhone model better than another for getting enough cell signal to make and receive calls?
I am in a basement, so I need an iPhone with excellent call signal strength. I am currently on Public Mobile, which is basically Telus.
I get great signal on my ancient blackberry bold, but I believe that newer phones do not have the same radio strength as older models did.
I can't really afford to invest in a signal booster, so that isn't an option.


New member
Apr 22, 2011
Re: iPhone call reception signal on different iPhone models

I've owned each iPhone since the 4, and didn't notice a huge signal difference between all of them.

As for your question in your other post, I would get the newest model that you can afford. The 5s would be the best choice obviously, but the 5 should be okay too. Personally, I would avoid the 4s. A friend of mine had one with iOS 8, and it didn't appear to be a very good mix.


Apple Watch and AirPod Champion, Ambassador
Nov 2, 2009
Re: iPhone call reception signal on different iPhone models

I have all of them as well and can not determine enough of a difference to be worth mentioning. However I am sure with each version of the phone they modify the radios just a bit to improve battery life etc, so the 5s would probably be the best.