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Is the iPhone 4/HD worth the upgrade?


New member
Apr 4, 2009
With the advent of OS4 (on a 3GS vs a 4/HD device) is it really worth it? I'm in a situation where my company pays for my phone and making the case for an upgrade will be difficult. But beyond that, should it even be made?

OS4 will bring many of the features that I'm looking for. The processor in the 3GS is pretty stinkin' fast. I've got the capacity I need. I honestly can't see using a front-facing camera ... if that's even a feature in the new phone. What's to drive upgraders?

Honestly, I'm not hating... far from it. I'd honestly like to know some folks' thoughts on this.



New member
Dec 24, 2008
Define worth...

everyone will have a different meaning for determining if it's worth the upgrade. I want to know what you are selling yourself on to justify it ('cause you know we are all getting it...) :)