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Is the Apple foul?


New member
Jun 8, 2009

I know there are a lot of concerns about losing their MobileMe accounts in the threads below but I have a slightly different angle to that problem. My MobileMe membership renewed on 5/31/2011, just a few days ago, and I was charged $99. When checking my account status in MobileMe today, it says that my account has been extended, free of charge, through 6/30/2012. Keep in mind though that I paid for it through 5/31/2012 since I just renewed it. Aren't they screwing us subscribed members? Once iCloud goes live in fall, why would I use MobileMe any longer? I then have an unused subscription service for which Apple does not refund any money. I just chatted to an Apple rep, the conversation is posted below. Does anybody else smell that this Apple is foul? They extend MobileMe for free for everybody through 6/30/2012 just so they don't have to refund any money. In all honesty though, there's no reason why one would use MobileMe once iCloud is active. I'm upset!

Here's the chat if that helps:

Advisor [12:05 p.m.]:
Hi, my name is Rina. It'll be just a moment while I review the comments you provided.

Customer [12:05 p.m.]:

Customer [12:05 p.m.]:
not many comments, just a quick question

Customer [12:05 p.m.]:
my MobileMe membership renewed on 5/31 on which date I was charged $99

Advisor [12:05 p.m.]:
Helloo Christoph. based on the information you presented in the pre chat survey you are have questions regarding iCloud. Is this correct?

Customer [12:06 p.m.]:
so, now my membership is paid for through 5/31/2012 and now MobileMe says that you extended it through 6/30/2012. But isn't that just a cheap way of not refunding mobileme $s because why would I use MobileMe once iCloud is active?

Customer [12:08 p.m.]:

Customer [12:09 p.m.]:
are you still here?

Advisor [12:10 p.m.]:
Yes, unfortunately we can not provide any refunds for existing MobileMe accounts.

Customer [12:10 p.m.]:
but you'd agree that there's no reason why I should stay with MobileMe once iCloud is active (and free)?

Advisor [12:11 p.m.]:
Since iCloud is not currently active canceling your MobileMe account now could result in losing your current MobileMe account.

Customer [12:12 p.m.]:
I'm talking about once iCloud is active - which will be this fall. I would then switch to iCloud (free) and not use MobileMe anymonre even though it is paid for through May 31, 2012. Don't you think that's a bit customer unfriendly?

Advisor [12:13 p.m.]:
MobileMe is free until then to allow customers to transition into iCloud. You can find more information here: [link removed]

Customer [12:13 p.m.]:
Yes it's free. But I was just charged $99 dollars a few days ago!

Advisor [12:14 p.m.]:
I completely understand that and I can cancel and refund your account.

Advisor [12:14 p.m.]:
But please keep in mind that this will cause you to lose your MobileMe account.

Customer [12:15 p.m.]:
Can that be done once iCloud is active?

Advisor [12:15 p.m.]:
When iCloud becomes available this fall, more details and instructions will be provided on how to make the move.

Customer [12:15 p.m.]:
Alrighty, I'll hang tight until then. Thanks for your help.

Advisor [12:15 p.m.]:
My pleasure, have a great day!



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Mar 9, 2010
I thought the same thing would happen so I let my Mobile me expire in April. I got the final email on 05/15 telling me that my email account would be deleted. When I logged into mobile me yesterday everything was back to the way it was before and extended to 06/12 ... I guess that I got lucky. Although I did spend a lot of time updating my email address across all the sites I participate in.


Jan 17, 2011
This is the first time I have seen an Apple chat that does not have perfect grammar and spelling... weird.


New member
Nov 25, 2010
I knew something like this would come up as soon as S.Jobs said "FREE" thanks for the heads up!