Is Screen Mirroring with audio possible with Iphone 4s?Or anything else that would solve my Problem?


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I've had a car pc with external screen in the dashboard for a while, but now my mainboard broke, and I purchased a Surface Pro3 which I want to use as replacement for the old pc. For POI warning and handsfree purpose i want to use my iphone, which should be mirrored on the surface that is connected to the in-dash screen. (it has full touch capabilities). Is it possible also to get sound from the iphone while mirroring ? Unfortunately my bluetooth stack on the surface is not a2dp compatible and i wasn't able to get 3rd parties like bluesoleil etc. to work with my bluetooth adapter, so bluetooth is not an option.
Best would also be to connect an external microphone to the headphone jack which is already installed in the car for better acoustics.

another Option would be giving out the whole sound via the iphone, but that would also have to work via usb, because air play won't work in the car. (thought about an extra phone that would provide a wifi hotspot, but I don't have a second sim and the phone and tablet would try to access the web (when i need it for navigation or web-based radio ) through wifi and the second phone for which i do not have a second simcard.

so what could the trick be here for me ?

Thanks in advice !

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