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Is it time to abandon Apple for being slow to upgrade their Professional Macs?


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Both the MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro are outdated products right now. These devices are based on Intel chips that were introduced over two years ago. I cannot see myself buying any of them at the moment, and Apple doesn't appear ready to update them any time soon.

There are many attractive PC options on the market right now that use more recently introduced Intel processors. A high end desktop PC with a 6 or 8 core processor can be built for half the cost of a Mac Pro - and you can return to the days expanding storage internally. It's a win-win-win situation over the Pathetic "Trash Can" Mac Pro.

So, is it time to abandon the Mac? I thinking it's time!

John Yester

Moderator Team Leader
May 23, 2012

Most PC's that have 6-8 cores still run like junk on windows..... Let's be honest with ourselves....

Right now a Mac out of the box, though it may seem low specs to some, benchmarks show different on how it handles processing power and the OS is coded to run on these solid specs, no reason for a Mac to load up. Bottom line you don't need 6 to 8 cores to be GOOD. Macs handle general processing just fine.

So if you have more information to back up your trollish attitude and support it with legit facts I am all ears.


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
With that in mind, do I "think it's time to abandon Apple for being slow to upgrade their professional Macs"?....Nope...

Rob Phillips

iPhone X & Apple TV Champion, Moderator
May 1, 2012
It's very easy to argue that the shelf life of a Mac is much longer than the vast majority of PCs on the market. Apple has never felt the need--and rightfully so--to needlessly beef up their hardware. Macs run like a dream, focusing on efficiency over big specs.


New member
Oct 24, 2015
All things considered, Macbook Pros are still amongst the best laptops out-of-the-box. I get the benefit of a reasonably seamless, bug-free experience and am happy 99% of the time. My 6-year-old MacBook Pro is a bit slow, but still perfectly usable. If it had been a Windows laptop, I would have had to replace it after 4 years because of glacial slowness and the general bugginess of the platform.

So the answer to your question would be "No".


Trusted Member
Aug 9, 2012
"Is it time to abandon Apple for being slow to upgrade their Professional Macs?" I don't think so. However you are free to do as you please.


Jun 7, 2010
...and Apple doesn't appear ready to update them any time soon.

If you read any of the rumors, there are reports of a refresh in March or June (WWDC). From what I read the smaller 13-inch MBP will be sooner with a larger 15-inch later on in the year. Of course this is speculation and who knows how they get released, but I believe the rumors that something is on its way. Skylake, Thunderbolt 3, etc. kind of thing.

Mac Pro, however, who knows?


New member
Aug 14, 2015
I work on both PC's & Macs. I will take a current Mac over a brand new PC any day of the week. Abandon Apple, not on my list of things to do.


New member
Aug 11, 2012
I will agree on one point, they could stand to improve their release cycles somewhat. Skylake for 15" MBP just came out, so no harm there, but if they wait 6 months to release it then it's too long. The 28w Skylake part for the 13" has been available for a while, but there are no signs of a new 13" on the horizon either. I think this is all due to Apple trying to make too much "show" out of their releases. Sure, the iPhone release in the fall is an event, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. But does it have to be the same with every device now?

All that being said, I'd much rather one of the "outdated" Macbooks than a Windows 10 machine. A good OS trumps slightly newer hardware in my books.