Is it ok to shut down MBP everyday or should I just put it to sleep?


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MBP: shut down/sleep, battery care and dust prevention

I'm used to shut down my notebook(windows). And I've seen multiple debates on whether to shut down your MBP daily or just put it to sleep. It is so confusing.

So, is it ok to shut down mbp everyday? Or should I only put it to sleep?

Secondly is about the battery. Again, so many debates going on. How should I use my mbp? Do I let the battery depleted until 75% or 50% before plug-in the power? So once the battery goes to 100%, I should stop charging? Or I should never let it goes to 100%?

Lastly, it is common to see how dirty it is inside a mbp, the dust its collected is scary and will eventually affect the performance. I'll be working in a rather dusty environment. There is some construction going on about a few hundreds meter away from my room. If I place my eyeglasses on the desk, it'll collect quite a lot of dust within a day.

So it there any way to prevent dust accumulation? Is there any cover/casing available for the MBP to prevent dust getting inside?

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