Is a Turbo SIM a good idea?


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Mar 1, 2009
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So I have been spending the past 2 days searching for an iPhone that I can get for my wife but just about everyone has updated his/hers to 2.2.1. Others who havent updated are asking an INSANE amount since theirs can be unlocked.

So low and behold, today, I find a guy who is selling an BRAND NEW sealed iPhone 3G 8GB for 350.00. I immediately jumped on it and bought it! Sure enough it was a brand new, sealed 3G iPhone. We opened it together to verify contents and such.

He told me that I can use a Turbo SIM until the Dev Team breaks the 2.2.1. I have never looked into the Turbo SIM route since back when I had my iPhone 2G, I was able to software unlock it. I did a little research and it looks pretty easy to work out. After looking on YouTube and watching some videos it seems to work just fine. I have read there are quality Turbo SIM cards and junky ones.

So like the thread title says, is using a Turbo SIM an okay and safe route until I can software unlock it?

And there are SO MANY ebay auctions for GEVEY 3G SIMS! Oy!

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