iRISH - The St. Patrick's Day iPhone App


Mar 14, 2009
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Hey everyone,

Just joined recently after seeing a few interesting conversations in the forums here. I noticed other developers mentioning their apps in here so I figured I could quickly introduce RareApps and our new app iRISH.

RareApps is two guys who love their iPhones and used to know, well, just about zero Xcode :) But we had an idea for an app so we hired a developer to help with our first app. In the process of testing this app we learned a bit of xcode ourselves and managed to bang out our own app, iRISH.

Well, the app we paid to get developed has since been rejected (Thanks Apple!). However, iRISH got approved this week just in time for St. Patrick's Day. It's a simple app so don't buy it thinking you're getting something groundbreaking - but everyone we've shown it to thinks its pretty hilarious and appropriate for St. Patty's Day.

If the app sounds interesting to you, you can find out more at our site: iRISH St. Patrick's Day iPhone App

I'm not sure how the mods feel about a direct link to the iTunes store, so if this against the forum rules, please remove it. Anyhow, [URL="]iRISH in the iTunes store. [/URL]