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Mar 10, 2009
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Through the dark murky swamp of lame applications
shines a beacon of light..

and it's called iPond.

This is a unique game unlike anything else available on the iPhone today. The iPond has a fantastic array of cute and colourful creatures for you to play with. Keeping a healthy and happy pond is vital but very easy, feed your creatures, play with them and keep the iPond clean is all they ask.

The iPond works on it's own time schedule. Pop in daily to check on your iPond's development as the world grows and new inhabitants appear! The iPond is much more than a 5 second thrill, it's a unique journey into a special world full of fun friends.

Truly unique and fun application that you will get plenty of mileage out of. New updates include new characters, send snap shots of your iPond to your friends! Feed, Clean, Grow, Play - download your iPond Today!

Further information is available on including links to the app store and so forth.

We've tried to do something different than the hordes of 2 minute wonders on the app store. It won't be for everyone but I'm sure many will enjoy it.

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