Ipod Video Sound Overdrive issue


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Apr 30, 2021
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Hello there,
I have an Ipod Photo, and I love that thing, but for me, it's a bit too thick, to carry in my pocket along with my phone, so I got an Ipod Video, flashmodded it, with an Iflash Solo board, and installed Rockbox. I noticed, that the audio-quality, was slightly worse, than on the photo, but I figured, I was imagining it, and since I took the sd card, from the photo, I couldn't compare it side by side, but the first time, I listened to Hunter by Björk on full volume (you gotta listen to this on full volume), when the bass kicks in, it sounded really distorted.. then I noticed it, with a few other bass heavy songs, like bad guy, by Billie Eilish, or Angel, by Massive Attack. They sounded fine, on my Photo..
Now, my question, could this be a Hardware issue ( for what its worth I tried switching back plates to switch the audio jack, cause I got a spare, but still same issue ) or is it a Software issue, and can be fixed.. I unfortunately don't have a working spare Logic Board lying around, to see if its the issue.
Any help would be appreciated

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