iPod touch 5th generation weird wifi problem

Simon Gregorc

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Feb 2, 2013
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Hello there.
I have some weird problem going on with my Wi-Fi.
So I'm using router Canyon CNP WRT 514N1, and ipod touch 5th generation.
The problem is in my connection speed. When I try my connection speed with speedtest, I have resault like ~1MB download, but it should be like 15MB.
So to test what's wrong, I connect my PC by wireless to that routher, and disable all other connections. Resault on PC is 15MB. I test again on ipod and got 15MB speed aswell.
So I conect my PC back to switch and disconect from wireless connection (router). 5min later I run speedtest on ipod again, and I have wery bad resault again.
So I connect my PC back via wireless and again connection is good after testing it with speedtest with my PC.
So any idea why my speedtest resault get higer, after I test it with PC?

And I was checking all the time if there wasn't someone disturbing my connection.
So that's simple weird.

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