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Mar 19, 2014
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My brother's kid has a 4th Gen iPod touch that a few months ago they asked me if I'd try to repair a broken screen to try to save them a few bucks (they're incredibly cheap). I found a few DIY repair sites online and successfully replaced the screen with a couple of minor issues that I will go into later. When visiting a couple of weeks ago I was asked again to fix the screen again because it got broken and I'm in the process of doing so but am looking for some advice since the first time I wasn't able to fix it to my satisfaction and I'm hoping to do so this time.

On the first repair there was a little metal bracket that attached to the back of the screen and sort of had a U-shape gap that went around the camera. I was never able to correctly place that back in place but after reading a few other repair sites I found that it was common for not being able to replace it and that the part could be discarded. I'm thinking that this will haunt me a little with my real problem...

I have the 2mm tape roll from 3M that is recommended and usually "purchased with" the replacement screens on Amazon. What I am finding is that after I place the tape around the screen and go to fasten the screen back on, either the top or bottom of the screen keep peeling off of the rest of the iPod. I can hold both ends down and it will hold flush to the iPod's chassis, but shortly afterwards one or both ends start peeling back up. I've even left a stack of books on the face of the iPod for several days trying to get it to hold better, but the only thing that I could get to work was a couple of drops of super glue.

Does anyone have any advice for getting a replacement iPod screen to stick correctly? Those edges along the outside of the iPod are very narrow and it has to be possible to get the screen to stick but I just haven't been able to get it to work correctly. Thanks!

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