iPhones from Best Buy


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Aug 6, 2010
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I wanted the fully unlocked iPhone x that supports both GSM and CDMA. The Verizon model does this, however Apple won’t let you buy it without an account.
Best Buy lets you buy it and it cost $100 more. Ok, I pre ordered from Best Buy.
I put my att sim in it and it worked.
But then I put a foreign sim, the phone said it was locked.
I called Apple and they said that att had locked it and I needed to call att.
After a lot of reading, apparently Best Buy iPhones lock to the first SIM card carrier used in the phone.
This is outrageous! I read various articles and nobody found a solution, and this was apparently a well known issue with Best Buy. Lots of complaints about this.

I called att and they told me that I would have to have the phone on the account for 60 to 90 days even though I don’t have a contract and bought the phone outright.
I demanded to speak with a manager and told him that I would move all 14 of my lines with att if they don’t unlock it for me immediately.
He said ok, and unlocked my phone within minutes.

Anyway if you bought from Best Buy, just call the carrier and speak with a manager.


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Sep 23, 2012
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BB uses one model for all three carriers they deal with ,which is the CDMA/GSM one and it will lock to att if that sim is used. Has this happen to me last year with the iPhone 7