iPhone X case review. Focus on Thin & Clear cases


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Nov 24, 2011
I have several iPhone X cases (so far!) and here are my thoughts. Please note that I prefer a minimalist approach--thin and clear when possible. I place a premium on cases that retain as much as possible the "magic" feel and performance of the X that you get when naked (the iPhone, I mean!). For those of you with an X, you know what I mean!

For iPhone case obsessive-compulsives like me, here you go:

1. The Speck Presidio Clear case it the most protective case I've tried for the X. Very protective, nice and clear--looks nice, but too bulky and loses too much of the magic for my tastes. But if you want good protection, get this one (or the Spigen below) instead of cases like Otterbox because this one looks better.

2. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid (clear) is just a notch below the Presidio in terms of protection, but also looks great. The buttons are more responsive than the Presidio.

3. Tozo's clear case listed on Amazon as: "TOZO for iPhone X Case, Crystal Clear Soft TPU Gel Skin Slim Fit Transparent Flexible Premium Cover"--the case package states "Ultra Thin Perfect"--go figure. This is the sweet spot case for me. Thinner that the two above, covers the whole edge of the X, easy to put on/take off, and looks great with no branding. Magic score is very good.

4. PITAKA Magcase Aramid Fiber (https://www.ipitaka.com/collections/magcase-for-iphone-x). This one feels great. Very thin but the material is supposed to be very protective. I would say, yes, protective for scratches but how far can you drop it without damage? Don't know, don't want to find out. The major flaw (and advantage?) with this one is it doesn't cover all of the X's edge. As you can see in their photos, there are large cut-outs for the buttons--which makes it have the best magic feel for button use. Nice. But there as cut-outs at the top and bottom of the iPhone and that leaves large areas exposed to drops. Go figure. I'm using this one right now, but I'm being extra carful!

5. Peel Super Thin iPhone X case--Black version. Yup, this is about as thin as it gets. Be aware that it's very hard to put on/take off. Although it's not clear, the Black color/version lets the Apple branding show through nicely. Slippery compared to the PITAKA which has a more secure feel. All that said, it covers the whole device and the buttons retain a lot of the magic. The screen performance is all magic, just like the PITAKA, given that they're both so thin. Not likely as protective as the PITAKA due to the PITAKA's fancy "Aramid" material but, then again, it covers more of the edge.

So, FWIW, right now I'm trying to decide between the added protection of the Tozo or the added magic of the PITAKA and Peel. Then, which do I feel more comfortable using--the PITAKA or Peel? Only time will tell...


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Jun 6, 2015
I'm currently using the black (translucent?) Peel case. I love the minimalist feel. All I want from a case is protection from scratches on the back, and this delivers.

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