iPhone X (A1901)/ ATT - Signal Issues for Band 2/PCS (1945-1965). Questions about device


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Feb 9, 2018
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I'd be interested to get some input from iPhone X users as well as some users with experience/knowledge on the RF engineering side of phone coverage. Questions below if you want to skip the next bits.


In short I was hired to install an indoor cell enhancement system.

System supports AT&T Band 2/PCS LTE - 1945MHz to 1965Mhz and Verizon Band 4/AWS LTE - 2110MHz to 2130MHz

Installation and testing of the system completed, quality control on the project build looks good (RSRP -95dBm to -65dBm, RSRQ -14 to -7, SNR 10 to 20). No issues with dropped calls or data throughput. However I have an unknown number of complaints to one or more iPhone X users for AT&T specifically.

Chief complaint, little to no bars even when standing underneath a cell service antenna and slow data throughput on DL and UL.

Testing on my end with radio scanner and other test phones (don't have a iPhone X to use to test) show good coverage at same locations. If interested I can link the data collection report later.

Tried calling Apple support direct but they could not answer my questions. I also lack an IMEI or SN for further testing on device from user having issues.


Is there a known issue among iPhone X users for AT&T wherein the handset will show little to no available signal despite being in a good coverage area?

What is the measurement captured by the phone to determine the number of bars shown as signal strength?

Thanks much.


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Jan 3, 2015
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There is a long thread on Apple's forums of signal issues with the iPhone X. I have also reported this to Apple and they have confirmed the issue but provided no time-frame for the fix. The official comment back to me was that they are aware of some problems with signal quality and that their engineering team is looking at implementing improvements/fixes in the future.

In the meantime, if you wish to see what is the actual signal strength, details of what tower, frequency band you're connected to, as well as the values related to RSRQ, RSRP, and SINR, you can type *3001#12345#* and dial it in the dialer. This will take you to the service menu where you can see details about the serving cell and related measurements. Here is a link with basic definitions of the terms above and what they represent https://www.laroccasolutions.com/78-rsrp-and-rsrq-measurement-in-lte/.

Hope this helps a bit!

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