iphone will not turn on! Flashes on then off when plugged in


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Oct 22, 2009
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OK, I feel like I'm having a nightmare. I recently shattered my iphone screen and decided to try to fix it myself. I bought the glass replacement and digitizer, went on youtube, and went to work. I was able to replace the screen with no problems and the phone now looks perfect, but will NOT turn on. I should also add that when the screen was shattered, the phone still functioned perfectly, so I know it was just the outer screen. Ive tried holding down both home and power button at the same time and I've reopened it to make sure that I plugged back in all the cables. All cables were secure. All I get is the apple logo pops up for about 1 second then turns off, and that only works when the iphone is plugged into the computer through the usb.

I also tried to restore it by holding both power and home for 10 secs, then letting go of the power and holding home for 10 more secs, while it is plugged in. iTunes will then recognize the iphone and start the restore process but after a few minutes, itunes tells me that there was an error, and it cannot be restored.

Any help is greatly appreciated.... Thanks...


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Aug 13, 2009
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This issue might be from many things , the most common thing that could have happened is EMI shock to the phone . Did you ground yourself before opening the phone ?