iPhone Unlock Dilemma


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Jan 24, 2009
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Got two iPhones. Using T-Mobile. Jailbroke using pwnage 2.2.1. Installed latest version of yellowsn0w. One phone is working fine. The other cannot find the network. Both SIM cards work in the working phone...so it isn't the SIM card. I jailbroke and unlocked the non-working phone three times. No change. Also rebooted, turned off 3G network and data roaming, turned on and off the airplane mode (on the working phone, when I do this it takes several seconds to find the network and connect. With the non-working phone, it looks for like a 1/4 of a second and just rests with a single dot. After a minute or two it shows "No Service." Both phones worked in store. Any thoughts?