iPhone thinking there is a dock connector connected ....


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Jul 7, 2009
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Ok.. I am having some troubles with my 4S. I have it connected to my car via bluetooth and use it to play music. Has worked flawlessly since about two days ago. I have an old FM transmitter I now use as a car charger and I was using it the other day to charge the phone while driving. Now over the past few days when I am on bluetooth playing music the music will cut out and the phone will go to the state where it believes a dock connector is being used to output the music when nothing is connected. It shows my car and then "Dock Connector" in the output box beside the volume controls. I have done a restore and multiple hard resets. Nothing. Any suggestions?


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Feb 11, 2012
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If it had been working correctly in exactly the same configuration until recently, I'd assume that the problem is due to something interfering with the detection on the dock connector. The phone determines which type of accessory is connected by detecting the impedance between two pins on the connector.

This impedance can be affected by dirt or other debris, but it's most commonly caused by corrosion due to moisture. If you're in a cold climate, moisture may condence in the connector if it is very cold when you plug it into your warm phone - or vice-versa.

Take a good look at both sides of the connector and try to find some way to gently clean away the debris/corrosion if possible. A scrap of index card moistened in isopropal alcohol might do the trick. Be careful.

As cheap as chargers are online, though, it would almost be worth it just to swap it out for a simple charger cable without any extra functionality.